iPad Pro 2018

I’m pretty close to getting the new 2018 iPad Pro.  I won a sales contest a long time ago and the prize was an original iPad.  Like the first one they made.  I still have it somewhere.  So I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while but never really have had a super big need.  

My personal laptop is a MacBook Air.  Its pretty easy to take places and I have.  As I’m writing on it now i’m thinking how much I’ve put this through the ringer.  But it just keeps on going.  I’m sure some of it is luck because I know Apple products like all electronics have issues sometimes.  

But I’ve spilled soda on the keyboard and it stayed there for a while before I noticed.  The computer; the keyboard for that matter still works.  The keys were a little sticky for a bit but now they are all back to normal.  Amazing. This is one reason I love Apple products.  They may be more expensive but it’s worth every penny in the long run.   

I must say, I can really afford the new iPad.  So, this year as I upgrade my two teenage boys’ phones to the newest models, I will stick with my iPhone 6S.  The thing is that it does everything I need it to do.  Sure there are some new features on the new phones.  They have bigger screens and better cameras.  But I’d rather have the new iPad than upgrade to get those things.

One of the main reasons I want the new iPad Pro is because of the Apple Pencil.  I’ve wanted that since it came out but have not been able to afford it.  When I’m thinking and planning I love to have a pencil in my hand and paper to jot on.  Computers are great for creating outlines and mindmaps but I just feel like I think better with a pencil in my hand rather than when I have a keyboard at my fingertips.  

I’m a marketer and project manager so I need to plan and be creative all the time.  I have notebooks scattered around with notes and lists and ideas.  At some point, I try to scan the pages into Evernote.   But even if I do it seems like I never go back and look at it.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes I just need to get the stuff out of my head and on paper.  At the time I don’t know if it’s going to be useful but at least I don’t need to keep it in my head.  Lord knows I need all the RAM I can keep.

My full-time gig right now is managing a woman who gives medical seminars around the world.  She’s 73 years old and she can talk for hours on medical subjects without missing a beat.  I can hardly go a few minutes without forgetting the word I want to use or the person I’m thinking of. 

I’ve started taking nootropics and a bunch of other supplements.  Hopefully that will help.  Hopefully though, when my mind is thinking clearer, I won’t regret the iPad purchase.

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